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Surely the golden days are still ahead of us, right?

2024, the year to go looking for gold. 


After what has felt like a whirlwind of a couple years, I'm quite ready to steady myself in the hidden treasures of each day. So, this year's calendar is dedicated to just that: the gold all around us.


Also, because we've been feeling the pinch, I've chosen to offer my calendars at the price they were a few years ago. I hope this means more people can hang these lil art calendars of mine on their walls.


– A3 loose-leaf calendar (hang it with your clip or tape it to the wall)

– 160gsm luxe paper

– One month to a page

– Artwork Cover

– Artwork Quote page

– Year to a page for planning ahead (for birthdays & big events)

– Bulldog clip included

2024 Calendar

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